SP1 for AutoCAD 2013


Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD 2013 is out. This update brings many bugfixes and new features that allow you to block AutoLISP program execution. Indeed, as I explained in this article, it is possible to write a virus using AutoCAD as a vector for the infection.

You can have a detailed description of these features on the blog Whithout a Net


Revit 2013 SP1: finish buttons disappear


The service pack 1 for Revit 2013 was released in late July. I installed it on my machine and since the buttons to exit a Modify mode no longer appear. If for example I want to create a floor by selecting the walls which constitute the border, the following ribbon tab is displayed:

Ribbon tab without Finish buttons

Instead of this:


Bring an entity to the foreground with VBA


VBA does not provide functions to change the draw order of an entity. However, we can use SendCommand for executing DRAWORDER:


Get the name of the active AutoCAD document with .NET


Here's a little sample code to detect if AutoCAD is running. If it does, it displays the full path of the active drawing.

The code use COM (out of process).


Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
            Dim acad = Marshal.GetActiveObject("AutoCAD.Application")
            Dim activeDocument = acad.ActiveDocument
            MsgBox("Le chemin complet du document actif est : " & activeDocument.FullName)
        Catch ex As COMException
            Const MK_E_UNAVAILABLE As Integer = &H800401E3
            If ex.ErrorCode = MK_E_UNAVAILABLE Then
                MsgBox("AutoCAD n'est pas en cours d'exécution.")
            End If
        End Try
    End Sub

End Module

A virus targeting AutoCAD


The virus Flame is a lot of attention right now. A striking feature here is that it specifically targets AutoCAD DWG files. This suggests that this complex malware was designed by a state eager to seize some secrets documented through drawings.


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