Revit 2013 SP1: finish buttons disappear

The service pack 1 for Revit 2013 was released in late July. I installed it on my machine and since the buttons to exit a Modify mode no longer appear. If for example I want to create a floor by selecting the walls which constitute the border, the following ribbon tab is displayed:

Ribbon tab without Finish buttons

Instead of this:

Normal ribbon tab

But worse if I click with the mouse right button on the vertical space between the Create panel and the Draw panel, I have a fatal error and Revit exits brutally.

After a little Googling, I found various suggestions for a workaround: a post on the blog What Revit Want, which is to define keyboard shortcuts to replace the buttons and another on Do u Revit where we are advised to use the key combination Ctrl + Z to undo.

The solution is very tedious because shortcuts are difficult to find (there are several commands titled Finish edit mode) and each shorcut must be assigned one by ine. It works in my case, but it is not really satisfactory.

I then look if you could uninstall the update, but it is not possible

Heartedly, I then tried to reset the ribbon by deleting the UIState.dat file as proposed in this article of the knowledge base but it had no effect.

I think I'm going to have to uninstall then reinstall ...

Update 08/23/2012: Reinstalling doesn't solve the problem...

Update 09/06/2012: Resolved by disabling Aero. Panel Control > Appearance and Personalization > Customize Color. Click Open Classic Appearance Properties and select a Color Scheme other than Windows Aero.

Update 10/22/2012: Resolved by SP2 (Corrects ribbon tab population after installing .NET 4.5).



Please how was the problem finally solved? Cos that's exactly what I'm experiencing right now...twas same when I used revit 2018- the fatal error thing, now I'm using revitalise 2013, saying the same thing plus I'm not seeing the draw panel, tried restarting, acting up same...please help me

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